About Us

Ladyhope Wellness Institute is a non-profit organization focused on providing financial, psychosocial, nutritional, medical assistance to  individuals from poor backgrounds and affected by cancer.

Cancer is a major public health concern due to its prevalence, morbidity and mortality. The worst affected are those from poor backgrounds, especially because of lack of money and information on how to overcome this deadly disease.

Our organization is focused on cancer patients from poor and low income groups located in slum settlements in Nairobi and some rural areas, who are undergoing treatment in Kenyatta Hospital, our country’s main referral hospital.

Ladyhope started as a longing desire from it’s founding director (Veronica Mwangi), to see misinformed women suffering from cervical cancer get the much needed medical attention.  While running a lab she noticed many women coming for tests because of bleeding, after getting the results she inquired further and realized many did not seek the much needed medical attention.

Many felt ashamed, some thought that cancer was a sure death sentence and the most common reason was that majority could not afford treatment. 

This deep desire to see those affected by cancer get the much needed support gave birth to Ladyhope Wellness Institute  in the year 2010.

Ladyhope started with the vision of helping women from poor backgrounds suffering from cervical cancer. But as we continued we received many cries from  people suffering from other types of cancer.  On seeing their dire need for help we willingly opened our doors.

13 years down the line our program has walked with hundreds of patients both female and male. Currently we are supporting 80 patients.

We pay NHIF , counsel, empower and help our members in all ways that we can. To do these we receive support from well wishers who we hold in high esteem.

Reduce the threat of cancer among the poor.

Reduce the threat of cancer among the poor by assisting them through paying their medical fees, empowering them, and creating awareness about early cancer screening.

Our Journey

“We have walked a humbling journey since 2010. We have had great testimonies and sad moments, but our resolve is still intact. ”