About Us

Lady Hope Wellness Institute is a charitable nongovernmental organization, whose main objective is to enhance accessibility to reproductive health education among  needy  in the community since early year 2010.

Cancer is a major public health concern due to its prevalence, morbidity and mortality. When detected early the cancer cells can easily be destroyed, however, advanced cancer is very expensive to treat and the mortality rates are very high especially from stage 3 and beyond.

By speaking to the poor in our society, we realized that there is a lot of miss-information and fear when it comes to the topic of cancer. To curb this, Lady Hope has outreach activities among poor Kenyans creating cancer awareness, supporting patients and inspiring hope to affected families. We emphasize the need for primary preventive measures and nowhere else is this more important than at the hard to reach grass roots.

Over the years many in the communities we have reached have become enlightened and a great number have become our ambassadors, spreading the gospel of preventive care, regular screening and embracing those who have been affected by cancer. Many communities had shunned and rejected those affected by cancer, claiming they were cursed and a burden to them, but after talking to them and helping to shoulder the financial burden, a lot of reconciliation and acceptance is happening.

We can summarize our organizations goals into 4 Key objectives.

  1. Cancer awareness. Getting the right information about cancer to the grass roots   through seminars, workshops, health talks, organizing free cancer screenings, road shows, support group meetings, hospital visits, door to door house visits, posters, pamphlets as well as media and publicity.
  2. Patient care by way of free accommodation, food and transport during the course of treatment and financial assistance through paying for lab tests and NHIF.
  3. Psycho-social and spiritual support. we pay for counseling sessions for those who are giving up, conduct monthly support groups where the patients interact and encourage each other, and also facilitate for spiritual nourishment – support.
  4. Economic Empowerment of poor cancer affected families by helping them gain different skills and various materials for generating income.

"A Kind Gesture Can Reach A Wound That Only Compassion Can Heal"


To improve access to reproductive health education among the girl child and needy women in the community by creating cervical cancer awareness, mitigating its infections and reducing its effects on the Kenyan economy.


To cater for the basic needs of cancer infected and affected needy persons by involving the wider community in promoting the welfare of the sick and working directly with them to empower the affected as we integrate them back to the community as our voices in the cancer fight.


How we accomplish our mission


Many of cancer patients in Kenya come from their rural homes to Nairobi for treatment. This is a costly affair and they need to secure accommodation. We provide for our members free accommodation and food while they are being treated.

Treatement Costs

When one becomes a member of Ladyhope, we start by activating and paying for their NHIF (national hospital insurance fund). Which covers many cancer treatment procedures. We also help where we can one other extra expenses, like Lab tests.

Food & other items

A good healthy diet is key for cancer patients. With the help of Friends of Ladyhope and Partners we give receive vegetables and other food staffs which we distribute to our members. We also distribute other items that are needed to our members.

Support Group Meetings

We conduct support group meetings once a month. In the support groups the members share about their journey, needs and they also advice and encourage each other to fight on.


We realize that many of our members have deep rooted scars need healing. If this is not done they will not have the mental strength to fight on. We provide counseling from trained professionals


The only way to fight poverty is to be financially empowered. Away from our institution our members face very tough financial roadblocks. To fight this we empower them by training them on different skills that they can use to earn.

Organization Structure

Our Mandate to the society

As an organization we deeply believe that we have a responsibility to our society, to enlighten them about cancer. To educate them about the preventive measures they can take and how they should treat those who in their families or in their societies have been affected by cancer. We do this through many ways, but our key methods are.

Cancer Awareness Walk

We hold an annual Cancer Awareness walk every year to mobilize funds for our members. This is also our main opportunity to hold a cancer awareness talk with our participants. Our annual walk is held every last Sarturday of January

Cancer Talks

We believe that if young people know about the ills of cancer, and the dangers of not going for regular medical check-ups, many of the complicated cases we are handling today will be a thing of the past. At LADYHOPE we hold many sessions with the young people where they get to see and hear the dangers of late diagnosis.

Free Screening & Blood Donation

With the help of our network of Doctor friends and partners we conduct free screening camps. We also mobilize and inspire our youth in society to donate blood to help hospitals collect blood that will be needed in Chemotharpy.

We Need Your Help!

“There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”