Who We Are

Cancer is a major public health concern due to its prevalence, morbidity and mortality. The rising cervical cancer cases are our major concern given that this is one of the few highly preventable cancers and also curable if detected early through screening.

LADYHOPE WELLNESS INSTITUTE  is focused on cancer patients from poor and low income groups located in slum settlements in Nairobi and other rural areas. 

When the dream of LADYHOPE WELLNESS INSTITUTE was born, we started by focusing on cervical cancer patients. As we progressed, we broadened our scope to all needy patients affected by cancer.

What We Do


— Pay for Treatment

We enroll our members into Kenya’s NHIF insurance policy and pay for them. With this, our members are able to take advantage of our country’s benevolence to those affected by cancer. We assist in other extra medical bills that are not covered by the policy.


— Housing

Our members who come from rural area are housed and fed at our rented rooms at Kihingo village. This enables them to seek specialized outpatient treatment without the stress of commuting from their rural homes.


— Counselling & Psychosocial support

We hold Support group meetings twice every month, where we invite various speakers and spiritual leaders to encourage and counsel our members. We also pay for counseling sessions with a trained counselor.


— Empower

We empower our members and their close dependants by training them on different easy-to-do skills that can help them make money regardless of their current condition. 


— Cancer Awareness activities

We embolden our members to be cancer awareness ambassadors at the grassroots. We also invite the youth and others groups for talks on cancer as the patients also pass to them cancer information that they learned the hard way through their disease journey. 

Subsequently, we refer those willing to be screened and do follow-up on cases that require further intervention.


— Home visits

At Ladyhope, no patient Walks alone

We stand with our members at all times. When they are too weak or far to come to us, we visit them and stand with them even when they are bedridden.


— Adopt-A-patient

We connect patients to willing long-term supporters to walk with them and their children through the disease journey and beyond.

This way, the patient’s children get guidance, counseling, and mentorship from other parents and are supported to cope better with the disease burden and pain associated with caregiving at their tender age. The children also get educational support 

Impact Stories


a single mother of 2 kids

Jackline, a small business scale trader and a single mother of two was diagnosed with breast cancer in year 2010.

She has a physically challenged child, hence restricting her movements even when seeking specialized treatment in Nairobi. She underwent 8 chemotherapy sessions in 2018 and is now undergoing radiotherapy. 

She has been empowered and  trained on carpet marketing, Crocheting and machine knitting. This skills are helping her earn a living back home.


fondly referred to as Cucu, is Ladyhope’s eldest beneficiary.

She hails from Olkalou, Nyandarua County. Year 2016 was a confusing period for her when she visited her nearest health facility with PV bleeding. At 73 years then, the medics did not waste time and over a few months, observations and tests which included a biopsy indicated she had early stage cervical cancer.

At 78 years, she is a great inspiration to younger members of the group and looks back at the tedious cancer treatment journey with thanksgiving to God for she not only regained good health, but also acquired a new family along the way as well as economic re-establishment.